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Sigmatex Selects Orangeburg for Largest North American Facility

November 24, 2014

Sigmatex, a world leader in the manufacturing of carbon fiber textiles for the aerospace and automotive industries, announced their selection of Matthews Industrial Park in Orangeburg County as the location for its next facility. The company will invest $12 million initially and create 50 jobs over the next five years.


New Investment


New Jobs


SCEDIF, SRF & Santee Cooper Economic Development Loan Programs

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Tri-County Electric Cooperative

“Sigmatex selected Orangeburg as home for its second, and largest, North American facility as a direct result of the teamwork exerted by Tri-County Electric Cooperative, Santee Cooper, and the SC Power Team. For 15 years, Tri-County Electric Cooperative put funding into the infrastructure needs of this park to promote economic development and increase electricity load. The loan program provided through Santee Cooper played a vital role in making the park attractive to industrial customers.”

— Chad Lowder, CEO
Tri-County Electric Cooperative

“We are very excited to be building our latest manufacturing facility in South Carolina. This will be our second, and largest, in North America, representing a major step in our commitment to global expansion. Sigmatex will continue to invest in technology, capabilities and capacities to ensure we satisfy the growing demands of our current and future partners across the globe.”

— Scott Tolson, CEO


“Having Sigmatex locate in the Matthews Industrial Park is a game changer. With Sigmatex kicking off this park, we feel confident that more aerospace companies will follow their lead.”

—The Honorable John W. Matthews, Jr.
SC Senator