What We Do

Incentives to Advance Communities

South Carolina Power Team is dedicated to supporting our local and regional partners in promoting, attracting, and retaining business and new industry.

We accomplish this through our community-focused initiatives, which place emphasis on competitiveness and community preparedness. In collaboration with our partners—Central Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. and the state’s 20 electric cooperatives—we are able to offer several incentives to advance communities.

South Carolina Power Team – A legacy of supporting and growing communities

Since our organization began in 1988, the SC Power Team, through the commitments made by the 20 Electric Cooperatives of South Carolina, has continued to invest in economic development and community development within the communities they serve.



Since 1988, more than $16.032 billion in announced capital investment and more than 82,576 new jobs by the private sector in the service area of the state’s 20 electric cooperatives.



Since 1989, more than $20.73 million in incentive funds has been invested to assist communities in securing announcements.




Since 1996, more than $94.323 million invested in economic development projects, industrial parks and community infrastructure by the electric cooperatives through the Corporate License Fee Tax Credit program.




Since 2006, more than $3.3 million spent to help fund local and regional Economic Development Offices, including: more than 1.65 million in strategic planning; more than $1.5 million in certified site evaluations or site advancements; and more than $155,500 for professional development scholarships.