Business Retention and Expansion

Business Retention and Expansion

For more than 30 years, SC Power Team’s business retention and expansion (BRE) program has fulfilled our founders’ directive to make existing industrial and distribution members a top priority.

Our full BRE program is centered on creating partnerships that reinforce member service and success, as we strive each year to visit as many companies as possible throughout South Carolina’s electric cooperatives service areas. These on-site visits along with additional communications provide vital information as to the resources and incentives businesses need to be successful and to expand in South Carolina.

Business expansions continue to be a viable part of the South Carolina economy. SC Power Team and the 20 electric cooperatives are committed to being a strong utility partner to those we serve.

During 2018, the following activities occurred to monitor expansion projects, make service provider referrals, and to support the electric cooperative-served industrial/commercial members:

  • 80 cooperative-served industrial/commercial members visited across 13 electric cooperative service territories
  • More than 400 face-to-face visits with current industrial/commercial co-op members since 2014
  • 10 city/county/regional economic developers participated in visits in their service area
  • 20 visits were to new industrial/commercial members or to members not previously visited by the SC Power Team
  • 1 industrial expansion project uncovered through business retention/expansion program activities formally announced in 2018

Expansion Consultations & Existing Industry Incentives

Industrial and distribution members within South Carolina’s electric cooperative service area – who are considering a major capital investment in new building space or new equipment – are potentially eligible for economic development incentives similar to those received by companies who relocate to South Carolina from out-of-state.

South Carolina Power Team’s unique resources, such as Santee Cooper Economic Development Investment Fund Grants (SCEDIF) and affordable, incentive electric rates, are also available for companies considering expansion in South Carolina in our electric service area.

Relationship Liaison & Referral Agent

Our team is committed to assisting your business in its success, as oftentimes, our company visits uncover issues that are not directly related to electric power or expansion needs.

SC Power Team is here to assist you in finding a solution to your business needs and to serve as your liaison and referral agent, as we maintain on-going relationships with critical state agencies and other crucial resources in South Carolina.

  • South Carolina Department of Commerce (SCDOC)
  • South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control (SC DHEC)
  • South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT)
  • South Carolina Department of Revenue (SCDOR)
  • County and regional economic development agencies
  • Apprenticeship Carolina™
  • South Carolina Manufacturing Extension Partnership (SCMEP)
  • Business Development Corporation of SC (BDC) / Certified Development Corporation of SC (CDC)

We want to make expansion and investment at your facility more achievable. Contact us today to arrange a visit to your company or to share your growth plan with us.