Financial Programs

Site Readiness Fund (SRF)

Since 2014 the Site Readiness Fund has invested more than

$36 Million


26 Projects

statewide that have generated a combined investment of more than

$161.9 Million

towards site readiness efforts through partnerships with the 20 electric cooperatives and local communities

  • Launched in 2014, the Site Readiness Fund (SRF) is a Community Development and Preparedness initiative in the service territory of the 20 electric cooperatives to create competitive industrial sites, parks and buildings that are truly market-ready.
  • Through investments in developing product, infrastructure upgrades, land acquisition, water and wastewater upgrades, general site improvements and speculative building development, the objective of SRF is to advance and better position industrial assets for making the short list for a site selection consultant or prospect.
  • In 2015, South Carolina Power Team awarded a contract for Phase II, which focused on identifying a mega site and several new large sites to accommodate large projects and facilitate the development of new Class A Industrial Parks.
  • SRF investment locations can be found at SC Power Sites/Featured Sites.

Economic Development Investment Fund

$17.46 Million

Since 1989, more than $17.46 million in incentive funds has been invested to assist communities in securing announcements.

  • offers assistance with site and building evaluations
  • offers matching funds to better position sites, parks, and buildings to attract new or expanding businesses where they might not otherwise have been competitive
  • provides three tiers for electric cooperative matching requirements based on size, which enables electric cooperatives with less resources to be competitive
  • The program has been successful for over 29 years.