Why SC?

Why South Carolina?

Businesses are finding their way to South Carolina from all over the globe. As the nation’s leader in attracting foreign direct investment, South Carolina has made its mark on the map.

Our state is home to global giants—Boeing, Volvo Cars, Google, Samsung, BMW, Giti Tire, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Continental, Michelin and Bridgestone. These companies are benefiting from our highly-skilled workforce and an integrated transportation system of highways, railways, seaports, airports and inland ports to connect their goods and services to consumers around the world.

A logistics-centric and business-friendly environment, the Palmetto State offers the infrastructure necessary to attract new industry and supply skilled workers, allowing companies to thrive and expand here.



Efficient and Comprehensive Transportation Infrastructure


South Carolina is a Right-to-Work State

  • Low Cost of Doing Business
    • Industrial power rates are 9% lower than the national average
    • For Speed of Permitting, SC ranks 3rd in the U.S.
    • SC has one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the U.S. at 5%
    • SC’s state government’s responsive and cooperating rate is high, ranking 2nd in the nation
    • At $15.45 an hour, SC has a low median hourly wage
    • SC ranks 1st in nation in Business Incentive Programs
  • Very Low Unionization Rate
    • SC ranks lowest unionization rate in the country, at 2.6%
  • Wide variety of Incentives Available for companies locating or expanding in the state, including:
    • Performance-based Tax Incentives
    • Workforce Training (readySC)
    • Potential additional incentives based upon job creation, investment and new electric load.


Energy Rates 15% Lower than the National Average

  • Reliable and Affordable Energy
  • Diverse Mix of Energy Sources including:
    • Hydroelectric
    • Nuclear
    • Coal
    • Natural Gas
  • 2/3 of the state is covered by the SC Power Team
  • Several utility rate incentives available, including:
    • The New Industrial Incentive Rate for companies that have a minimum load of 2MWs
    • A discount rider that can lower annual electricity costs by 10-13% in the first five years of operation

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SC Infrastructure

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