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A Certified Site is:

An industrial property that has been thoroughly analyzed and documented by a third party engineering firm to determine acreage, archaeological, availability, boundary, cultural, endangered species, environmental, geotechnical, land use, ownership, topography, transportation, utility and wetland issues. A CERTIFIED SITE is considered to be "shovel ready" for acquisition and development.

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Industries locating or expanding in Santee Cooper or electric co-op service area in South Carolina are potentially eligible for an ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT INCENTIVE ELECTRIC RATE. Depending on the size and characteristics of the electric load, a cost savings of as much as 20% is possible with this rate. To determine if your industry qualifies, please submit your information using our custom electric rate quote tool.


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South Carolina is ranked as one of the nation’s most pro-business states by Forbes.
  • A Right-to-Work state
  • Most efficient port in the Southeast in Charleston
  • Boeing selected South Carolina for its new Dreamliner 787 assembly plant
  • BMW has the largest work force of any U.S. auto assembly plant
  • Ranked 2nd lowest in manufacturing costs by Business Facilities


BMW's South Carolina plant has the largest workforce of any U.S. Assembly plant.
  • First in the nation in tire exports in 2012, second in exports of autos and gas turbines
  • Ranked #2 in auto manufacturing strength in 2012 by Business Facilities
  • A rapidly growing cluster of 250 auto-related plants
  • Clemson-ICAR offers a PhD program in automotive engineering
  • Most efficient port in the Southeast in Charleston
  • A Right-to-Work state


Boeing selected South Carolina for its new Dreamliner 787 assembly plant.
  • A rapidly growing cluster of 160 aerospace related companies
  • Customized pre-employment training programs for aviation
  • Technical school programs leading to FAA and NCATT Certification
  • A Right-to-Work state
  • University of South Carolina McNair Center for Aerospace Innovation and Research


The Port of Charleston is ready for 2014 Panamax ships.
  • Most efficient port in the Southeast in Charleston
  • 1/2 of the nation’s population in a one day drive
  • No State Inventory Tax
  • A Right-to-Work state


Three research universities with medical and biological specialties.
  • The nation’s first statewide biomedical research collaborative
  • Enhanced corporate HQ incentives with R&D facilities
  • Special depreciation rates for Class 100 or better clean rooms
  • Favorable business and regulatory climate


Ranked #1 in competitive utility rates and ranked #1 in certified sites/shovel ready programs.
  • $34 billion - estimated annual economic impact to state from agriculture and forestry industry
  • Customized pre-employment training programs for companies in food and forestry industry
  • Certified food processing sites available
  • H.J. Heinz, Starbucks and First Quality Tissue among recent major production facilities to select South Carolina
South Carolina Power Team