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Historically, South Carolina has been attractive to predominantly manufacturing industries with the transition from excelling in textile production.  In recent years, however, it is also home to an increasing number of corporate office services and operations including corporate headquarters and financial services.  the Palmetto State’s office and shared services industry proves that South Carolina is home to a diversified and dynamic economy. From our professional workforce to our robust technology and transportation infrastructure networks, we have become an ideal destination for relocating businesses or headquarters.

  • Over 35,000 South Carolinians employed in the office and shared services industries
  • South Carolina has Six MSAs with a population over 500,000
  • Six commercial service primary airports provide global connectivity
  • South Carolina offers low-cost, highly reliable energy. Electric rates are 15% less than the national average. To discover readily available sites powered by highly reliable, affordable power from the electric cooperatives click “SC Power Sites”
  • South Carolina has the lowest rate of unionization in the nation at 1.6%

Leading Corporate Operations in SC

Use this interactive map to learn more about the corporate operations in South Carolina, and to explore the clusters created by our state’s skilled workforce, strategic infrastructure, low cost of business, and attractive quality of life.


Workforce Education & Training

readySC™ and Apprenticeship Carolina™
USC Darla Moore School of Business
USC FABER Entrepreneurship Center
College of Charleston Global Business Resource Center (GBRC)
Clemson University iLEAD! Program
Clemson University MBA Program

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