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Business Retention & Expansion

The core value of the South Carolina Power Team’s business retention and expansion effort is member care.

Working collaboratively with cooperative key account staff, and the state economic development community, we strive to connect with industrial/commercial co-op members to understand and respond to their needs.

Contact us today to discuss our services below, to arrange for our team to visit your facility or to share your growth plan with us!

The South Carolina
Power Team offers:

Expansion Consultations

We want to make expansion and investment at your facility more achievable. Our team is ready to hear what you need to grow.

Industry Visits

The member service tradition of the cooperatives is reflected in our industry visitation program. We meet with commercial members, face-to-face, to discuss how we can assist.


Industries on our power lines have an incredible support team. We can help you connect to the resources available to you.

Financial Resources:


South Carolina’s electric cooperatives are committed to making it easier for the industries and businesses they serve to invest and expand. From an initial fund of $100,000, the first grants from the new Business Retention and Expansion Upskilling Incentive will be made in 2022.

Business Retention & Expansion Upskilling Incentive

The Business Retention & Expansion Upskilling Incentive offers reimbursements for a portion of documented out-of-pocket costs incurred to train existing employees on new/upgraded equipment. It is available to existing industrial/commercial consumers of South Carolina’s electric cooperatives.

Your Team Resource:

R. Andrew Folks

R. Andrew Folks

Business Retention and Expansion Manager

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