Powering Growth in Electric Cooperative Territory

The South Carolina Power Team is the economic development organization representing South Carolina’s 20 electric cooperatives that power more than 1.6 million South Carolinians.

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  • $9B
    in announced capital investment since 2014
  • 36,933
    jobs created since 2014
  • $50M
    invested leveraging $237M in combined funding on 39 projects since 2014
  • $1.8B
    in announced capital investment in 2021
  • 4,715
    jobs created in 2021

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Georgetown County Speculative Building

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Seneca Rail Park

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Colleton Mega Site

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Tri-County Global Industrial Site

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Economic Development

The South Carolina Power Team serves as an essential economic development partner for new capital investment, job creation and electric load within electric cooperative territory.

  • Project Management
  • Site Readiness Fund
  • Cooperative Recruitment and Expansion Fund
  • Business Retention and Expansion
  • Community Development
  • Professional Development
New Jobs Since 2014
Capital Investment Since 2014
$9 Billion
Economic Impact Since 2014
$37 Billion
Meet The Team

The Power to Impress

Whether it is working hand-in-hand with new businesses locating in South Carolina, helping an existing business navigate a sudden challenge or preparing a community for future growth, the South Carolina Power Team has a dedicated team of economic and community development professionals at the ready.

Essential to Project Success

Project Case Studies

The South Carolina Power Team, in support of the 20 electric cooperatives of South Carolina, is an essential partner for economic development in South Carolina.  Often, throughout the site selection process, projects encounter challenges as the location decision progresses.

The electric cooperatives and the South Carolina Power Team have consistently come to the table with innovative solutions that play a critical role in combatting these challenges and assist companies in choosing South Carolina. These Case Studies are a few of the many specific examples where projects have faced a critical need and the electric cooperatives have found a solution to assist in companies locating in South Carolina.

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