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Background:  In 2017, Samsung began a search process for an existing 500,000 square foot building to produce washing machines for the North American Market.  In addition to the building, the company would invest $350 million and employ nearly 1000 South Carolinians over two phases of growth.

Challenge:  South Carolina only had one building in the entire state on the market.  Caterpillar in Newberry County had announced earlier that year that it was closing operations, announced they would be laying off all staff, and quickly put the real estate asset on the market.  The building received consideration from Samsung leadership and was the finalist site competing against a site in Alabama. 

While the building would meet their immediate requirement, the site would now allow for any future expansion because an existing industry was in the path of future growth.

Solution:  In partnership with South Carolina Department of Commerce, the South Carolina Power Team, Newberry Electric Cooperative, and Santee Cooper provided the resources to purchase the former Caterpillar building. 

In addition, the Power Team and Department of Commerce representatives were able to negotiate a purchase price for the existing industry building.  Newberry County was able to relocate the industry into an existing speculative building in a separate industrial park, the Power Team and Newberry Electric Cooperative provided financial assistance to relocate the company’s equipment.

Result:  In June of 2017, Samsung announced to the world that it had chosen Newberry, South Carolina as its next investment in the United States.  During the next six months they would complete major construction within the building and install all equipment.  By January of 2018, Samsung’s first American made washing machines were rolling off production lines.

New jobs:
New investment:
$380 Million

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