What We Do

Project Management

Central to the South Carolina Power Team’s mission is business recruitment and retention. Our Global Business team is dedicated to this effort. The Global Business team offers world-class site selection services with complete confidentiality to simplify and expedite an organization’s relocation to our state or an existing industry with its expansion.

The project management members provide continuous assistance throughout the site selection process and after an announcement.


The South Carolina
Power Team serves as:


We facilitate introductions with our cooperatives, officials, statewide/local partners and allies, as well as existing companies within your industry.

Location Advisor

Our statewide knowledge of available properties will help expedite your decision timeline.

Data Source

Our comprehensive properties tool provides up-to-date labor, community and infrastructure information.

Technical Experts

We provide civil engineering consultation through building/site analysis.

Your Team Resources:

Angelyn T. Smith

Angelyn T. Smith

Senior Project Manager

Warren A. Darby, Jr.

Warren A. Darby, Jr.

Senior Vice President, Global Business

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