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Financial Programs

The South Carolina Power Team offers a variety of financial programs to support the mission of creating jobs, investment and electric load in electric cooperative territory. These programs can assist a cooperative, community, new or expanding industry in multiple facets of the economic development process from preparing economic development professional and community leaders, to assisting in product development efforts within a community or cooperative territory, and ultimately offering assistance to a prospective commercial or industrial member locating or expanding in electric cooperative territory.

Site Advancement Fund (SAF)

Formerly referred to as “SCEDIF Category C”, SAF grants are available to cooperatives and economic development entities for technical assistance such as feasibility studies, environmental assessments and land use plans.

Invested Through SAF
$2.248 Million

Site Readiness Fund (SRF)

The SRF grants provide funding for communities served by the electric cooperatives to use for the improvement of very high value economic development sites and buildings. Specifically, these projects have strong potential for an immediate or short-term return on investment for job creation, capital investment and electric consumption.

The South Carolina Power Team staff manages the funding approvals and priorities for the grants. Grant funds are matched at least one to one by the project.

Combined Funding

Cooperative Recruitment & Expansion Fund (CoRE)

Formerly referred to as “SCEDIF Category B,” CoRE grants are used to aid in the actual location or expansion of specific and identifiable industrial, commercial and institutional enterprises. Other significant goals include the creation of jobs, projected capital investment and demand for electricity. These funds can be allocated towards offsetting critical project needs.

Funds in this category are matched by individual cooperatives.

CoRE Funds Invested
$23.2 Million


South Carolina’s electric cooperatives are committed to making it easier for the industries and businesses they serve to invest and expand. From an initial fund of $100,000, the first grants from the new Business Retention and Expansion Upskilling Incentive will be made in 2022.

Business Retention & Expansion Upskilling Incentive

The Business Retention & Expansion Upskilling Incentive offers reimbursements for a portion of documented out-of-pocket costs incurred to train existing employees on new/upgraded equipment. It is available to existing industrial/commercial consumers of South Carolina’s electric cooperatives. The fund is administered by South Carolina Power Team staff. For more information, email BRE Manager, Andrew Folks.


Annually, the South Carolina Power Team makes available up to $10,000 in Professional Development Scholarships.

Professional Development Initiative

Offers scholarships for economic development professionals to attend the Basic Economic Development Course (BEDC), the SC Economic Development Institute (EDI), IEDC courses and the SC Advanced Symposium.


Annually, the South Carolina Power Team makes available up to $75,000 in Strategic Planning Initiatives .

Strategic Planning Initiative

Used to assist county and regional economic development agencies in employing a professional consultant to create:

  1. an Economic Development Strategic Plan;
  2. a Target Industry Study; and/or
  3. a Marketing Plan.

Your Team Resources:


James “Jamie” W. Frost, II, P.E.

Senior Vice President Community Preparedness

R. Andrew Folks

R. Andrew Folks

Business Retention and Expansion Manager

Warren A. Darby, Jr.

Warren A. Darby, Jr.

Senior Vice President, Global Business

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