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South Carolina has a rich history in foreign direct investment (FDI), tracing its roots from agricultural exports all the way to the industrial boom of today. Companies such as Michelin, BMW, Nan Ya, Honda, Samsung, Volvo and Techtronic Industries continue to establish headquarters, manufacturing facilities and distribution centers within the state. These investments, and the investments of many other foreign based companies, are not accidental. South Carolina’s access to global markets, low cost of doing business, strong workforce, along with inexpensive and reliable energy, are only the top reasons why South Carolina continues to outpace the rest of the United States in FDI. South Carolinians are currently benefiting from the foreign investment of 821 companies, resulting in over 160,000 jobs.


workers in South Carolina are employed as a result of global investment – an increase of 26.3% since 2014.


manufacturing workers in South Carolina – 54.1% of all FDI jobs in the state are in the manufacturing sector.


global employers have operations in South Carolina.


From 2014-19, South Carolina’s FDI employment increased by 26%


countries – Germany, France and Canada – support the largest number of jobs in South Carolina among all international employers.
Map and data provided by the SC Dept. of Commerce

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