Who We Are

South Carolina Power Team

 Powering growth in Electric Cooperative Territory

The South Carolina Power Team is a full-service, non-profit economic development organization representing the state’s 20 consumer-owned electric cooperatives.

The South Carolina Power Team was created by and for its members. The services we provide and the role we play in preparing communities for growth, investment attraction and job creation have been carefully crafted to play a critical role in the economic development process.

The center point of what we do, either Global Business Development or Community Preparedness, is to align our vision with measurable goals to serve each cooperative individually. Although each cooperative is autonomous, how we serve each will always be with the same purpose, passion and urgency that results in the greatest benefit to the cooperative system.

Our standard of care is to focus on the needs of others before our own while serving them with integrity, honesty, and full appreciation for the opportunity to drive economic development success within the electric cooperative served communities.

Our Team is uniquely positioned to communicate timely information to our stakeholders, connect communities and electric cooperatives with opportunity, and act as a convener to those we serve.

Through growth in knowledge, character and status, the South Carolina Power Team confidently and humbly exhibits economic development expertise by embracing the revolution of the ever-changing economic development profession.

Rebecca M. Breland

Rebecca M. Breland, P.E.

Director of Site Development

James Chavez

James A. Chavez

President & CEO

Warren A. Darby, Jr.

Warren A. Darby, Jr.

Senior Vice President, Global Business

R. Andrew Folks

R. Andrew Folks

Business Retention and Expansion Manager


James “Jamie” W. Frost, II, P.E.

Senior Vice President Community Preparedness

Amy Hansen

Amy Hansen

Executive Assistant and Operations Manager

Marc  Metcalf

Marc Metcalf

Senior Project Manager

Angelyn T. Smith

Angelyn T. Smith

Senior Project Manager

Caroline A. Warner

Caroline A. Warner

Director of Community Development

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